Does Online Primavera Training Work?

Does Online Primavera Training Work?

Primavera is a leading enterprise solution that is powerful and robust. When PPM requirements have to be met, Primavera allows for complete control. From engineering firms to financial service industries, Primavera is utilized to lower costs, minimize overall risks and provide management with a clear indication of a project’s outlook.

Primavera P6 is a complex application wherein the utmost in training will be needed. This training can be done online and ensures that when a new project is being started, the entire process can be managed with ease.

Training Online

Does online Primavera training work? This is a common concern and one that many professionals have. First and foremost, Oracle, the creator of Primavera, offers their own online path for Primavera training. This allows project managers to learn how to use the application remotely without leaving their home or office.

Training online will not require any software to be purchased. In most cases, an application will be utilized that allows students to control the program from the school’s server.

Common Courses

Training can be done for both the novice and expert alike. While basic courses will teach a student how to set up a project and successfully manage resources, advanced courses may offer:

  • How to accurately assess resource planning needs
  • The creation of teams and roles
  • Portfolio performance monitoring and understanding
  • Viewing the overall return on investment
  • Scheduling techniques to bolster project success

Virtually all aspects of Primavera 6 can be learned online and Oracle backs online learning. The true question of does online training work for Primavera is a difficult one to discern. While the course material allows for users to learn remotely, some users will find that a physical campus is more suited to their needs.

Online training courses are typically much shorter than what is seen in a classroom setting and may be difficult for the student that learns better in-person. With this in mind, there is definitely a hands-on approach taken thanks to software applications that allow Primavera to be run remotely.

After Training

Training is an ongoing endeavor and one that most professionals will need to do on a yearly basis. With Primavera, online training is just to beginning. Once course materials have been completed, it is possible to take the Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Implementation Specialist exam to become fully certified by Oracle themselves.

This exam further opens up career opportunities and demonstrates a complex understanding of Primavera.

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