Customizing Your Primavera Software

Options for Your Primavera Software

Primavera is a powerful solution that gives users immense functionality right out of the box. While the basic setup works well, there are options and customizations that can be made to tailor Primavera Software to your project or company’s needs.


Current systems may need to stay intact when Primavera Software is deployed. This can provide a bottleneck in the development process for any developers that are not familiar with Primavera. Monks can provide custom development that will make integration a breeze and streamline your operations further.

Custom integration allows projects to completely fit the needs of a company. This will ensure that projects are completed faster and the costs of a project are reduced. Enterprise solutions that know that inefficient integrations can cost them tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars can customize their integration process to ensure Primavera Software runs smoothly with current systems.

Pre-configured Solutions

A popular choice seen at Monks, pre-configured solutions are possible and can be purchased directly from us. These solutions use pre-configured databases for the project manager and contract manager to add functionalities requested by clients.

This functionality includes:

  • Layouts
  • Industry calendars
  • Resource and costing rules
  • Earned value settings
  • Reports and forms

Pre-configured solutions are a cost effective option for Primavera Software and allows you to add further functionality without having to worry about development overhead. With the ability to add these configurations to any project, they are an addition that can be added or eliminated at any time.

Custom Forms and Reporting

Every business has their own form and reporting needs. When forms and reports need to be truly customized, businesses can have their own solutions made. This will allow for your current forms to be added through the use of customized tools. When you need to show development process or produce forms to contractors, you can do so right through Primavera Software.

Primavera Software aims to help project managers do their work in a more efficient manner. With advanced scheduling, reporting, forms, calendars, layouts and hundreds of other areas of customization, the time spent on projects can be greatly reduced.

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Monks Primavera Software Customization

When the built-in options will simply not suffice, it will be time to sit down with a Primavera developer to integrate the functionality that your business needs. Monks can help you with all of your customization needs. From installation to updates and developing custom integration solutions into your enterprise, Monks Project Solutions can do it all.

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