Why Should I Take Monks Multi-Day Primavera Courses?

Deciding to utilize the top-notch Primavera project management software for your company is your first step in making a move in the right direction to increase your company’s overall productivity. Second, proper system installation and configuration is necessary to reduce unexpected downtime in executing your projects efficiently. Third, the most pivotal cog in this project machine is that all of your employees be expertly trained in working with Oracle Primavera software by attending a comprehensive training program certified by Oracle University, such as Monks Multi-Day Primavera Courses.

The Benefits of Taking Monks Multi-Day Primavera Courses


  • Monks Project Solutions has not only been supporting Primavera clients since 1985, but we can confidently boast that our training methodology has been perfected over these years and Monks courses are Oracle University Primavera-certified.
  • All courses are taught by practicing, expert consultants with experience in multiple industries providing you with specialized training that fits your company’s unique requirements.
  • A variety of multi-day courses are available, which are formatted for those in the beginning stages of  learning this revolutionary project software system to those in need of extensive instruction in its complex uses, such as more advanced project features and resource allocation management.
  • Courses are offered in either a 2-day or 3-day block format to fully immerse your employees in Primavera in order to obtain the most pronounced benefit from training.
  • If Monks Multi-Day Primavera Courses do not fully cover your particular project management trade, private courses can be tailored to your company by offering individualized training and custom manuals that are created specifically for your company’s usage of the Oracle Primavera software.

Primavera Training


Monks Multi-Day Primavera Courses provide your company with the skills needed to wholly integrate Oracle Primavera software into your projects’ collaborations and maximize your company’s productivity with this web-based application. Without proper training, your company will not be able to realize the full potential of what Oracle Primavera software has to offer. Register today or contact us at (303) 860-8770 to speak with one of our qualified team members, who can answer your questions and assist you in determining which of Monks Multi-Day Primavera Courses would best serve your company’s needs.

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