6 Reasons Why Your Company Needs Software Training

Software Training

Companies ranging from engineering firms to those in the financial service industry employ cost-effective software for their project management needs, such as Oracle’s Primavera. However, many enterprises make the mistake of purchasing software without providing the necessary training to their employees to ensure expert utilization of these powerful applications. If your company stops short of providing software training for its employees, the true return on investment on your project management software will not be realized. To understand the importance of safeguarding your investment in expensive software, here are 6 reasons why your company needs software training:

  1. Properly setup a project to include creating teams, roles and relationships, defining the WBS, calendars and key project milestones, adding activity steps, notebooks and expenses, and applying constraints
  2. Successfully manage resources to include assessing and optimizing resource planning needs, manually allocating resources, assigning resource curves and reviewing resource overallocation reports
  3. Accurately monitor and understand a portfolio’s performance by creating reports that track project progress from the planning stage through project closeout by understanding the project status by tracking the following: key milestones, schedule variance, cost variance and earned value, etc.
  4. Learn proper scheduling techniques to bolster project success and reflect real-world conditions
  5. Assess and manage the overall project risk by monitoring project issues and risk matrices
  6. Improve employee retention by decreasing frustration and increasing job satisfaction

All software purchases should include software training to ensure that your company’s employees are proficient in utilizing the tools provided by the software. Employing software, such as Oracle’s Primavera, to increase productivity and lower costs is a major competitive advantage to your company, if the tools are effectively deployed throughout your organization. Improve on your company’s investment in software by providing Oracle University Certified training to your employees. To learn how Monks Project Solutions’ experts can assist with your company’s Oracle software and training needs, contact us today at 303-860-8870.

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