Why Primavera Courses Are Better In Person

Take the Class from a Professional!

You’ve made a step in the right direction with choosing Oracle’s Primavera software for your company’s project planning and collaboration needs. Now, you must plan accordingly for the proper level of training to ensure this powerful software is fully utilized by your employees. Monks Project Solutions’ in-person Primavera training courses are customizable for your company’s unique usage of the software. To further increase your employees’ comprehension of Primavera software, we offer the option of creating manuals for each titled position within your company, such as one for schedulers and one for project managers.

While any type of training is superior to clumsily navigating this powerful software, Monks Project Solutions’ Primavera courses are better in-person for a number of substantial reasons, such as:

  • One-on-one training: Monks’ in-person Primavera training courses provide your employees with one-on-one training from certified instructors, who will ensure each employee understands how to harness the power of Primavera for their particular tasks.
  • Multi-day courses at our location or private sessions at your company: At Monks Project Solutions, we understand that flexibility is key when training employees on new applications, which is why we offer multi-day courses at our location or at your facility. To achieve a higher level of personalized relevance to your company’s specific usage of the software, we recommend private sessions held at your company’s location. Allowing our certified instructors to train your employees at your location with your own datasets on either your system or our pre-configured laptops will enhance our ability to directly relate the training sessions to your business’ implementation of the software.
  • Highly experienced in Primavera training: Since 1985, Monks Project Solutions has been training various sized companies and their employees on how to mobilize and integrate the Primavera software for their unique business needs. In order to increase productivity and maximize the potential of this software, every company must ensure its employees are trained by technology professionals, whom are certified and authorized by Oracle to conduct training on a wide-range of Primavera software.

Without the undeniable benefits achieved from in-person training, your company will fail to realize the far-reaching impact Oracle’s Primavera software can have on your company’s project management. Contact the Monks Project Solutions’ team today by calling (303) 860-8870 to discover how we can expertly assist your company in its execution of Oracle’s Primavera for all of your project tasks.

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