Do You Need an Expert To Install Oracle Primavera Software?

Primavera installation can be complex and time-consuming. While you can technically install it yourself, it does require a high level of technical know-how for a proper installation; this is not your typical software.

All of the data that Primavera stores is meant to reside in a central database. This means that you’ll need to know how to properly setup a compatible database to run the software effectively.

Typically, a company will hire or use their internal IT expert or team to install P6 and setup any databases required.

Don’t have a professional on-site with Primavera installation experience? We can help.


Installation is the easy part. The next step of the process is a necessity and deals with integration. Through the use of tools provided with the P6 suite, you’ll be able to integrate a variety of programs into P6.

Essentially, many programs can be linked together to “talk” to each other.

A great example of this is P6 and SAP.

SAP is an Enterprise Resources Planning system that allows for advanced resource planning. When integrated into P6, this will allow for real-time data transitions and the power of P6 and SAP combined for your team.

Through Primavera customized development, we’re able to further make applications and systems link together to provide a truly customized installation that works best for your team’s needs.


Finally, the implementation portion comes after all of the installation is complete. This is done through needs analysis wherein we’re able to determine your organization’s needs. Ultimately, implementation is done through proper P6 configuration.

This allows the software to handle 5 users or 100s based on your needs.

A few implementation points include:

  • Security profiles.
  • User profiles.
  • Software configuration.
  • Global dictionaries.


Ultimately, Primavera installation can be done in-house, but the power of P6 requires a certified professional for the configuration and proper installation for your team. Optimization and configuration can reduce:

  • Required system resources.
  • Time required to complete tasks.
  • Data input errors.
  • System errors and crashes.
  • Data loss.

Before managing a project, Primavera has to be setup correctly. This requires the help of a certified professional that has been trained in Primavera 6 and knows the ins-and-outs of the software suite.

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