What makes Monks Project Solutions’ Training So Great?

Sometimes we are asked why our training is so great, or said another way, “what differentiates your training from other Oracle University Primavera Training Centers?”  I think the answer to that is easy: it’s our instructor Robert Monks.  Robert has almost 40 years of industry experience in project management and is a regular user of the Primavera software he teaches.  This real world experience adds a depth to his training presentation that few others strive for, or achieve.  This certainly sets up students attending a Primavera training class for success. Read some of our testimonials that our students have written!

But just because someone is knowledgeable, doesn’t mean that they are a great teacher or that they care about their students really “getting” the material.  This is where Robert really shines with his Primavera training.  As a pilot and FAA certified flight instructor, he has studied how adults learn and what affects their ability to retain knowledge.  He incorporates his FAA training into each of his Primavera training classes to support the students learning and retaining more.  While our training classes always adhere to the Oracle University training curriculum, the stories, examples and guided discussions enhance the learning experience of the students attending.

So don’t think that all Primavera training is equivalent.  Do yourself and your company a favor and experience Primavera training at its best by attending one of Monks Project Solutions upcoming classes.

Monks Training

Want your Primavera Software training from Monks? Register Here to find out how Monks can help. Our status as an Oracle Gold Partner with many years of experience makes us your best choice for Primavera training.

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