What Can My Business Learn With Monks’ Primavera Fundamentals Training?

Monks Project Solutions is proud to bring you the most comprehensive training for the basics of Oracle Primavera project management software through Primavera Fundamentals. This rigorous three-day course covers the basics of Primavera for those who are new to Primavera project management, including creating a project, adding activities, scheduling, managing project risks and much more. Two separate Primavera Fundamentals courses are offered: our Web course highlights project management basics using Primavera’s web interface, while our P6 Professional class is designed for users of P6 Professional.

If you are new to project management software and your company has recently adopted Primavera as its project management solution, the Fundamentals course is an asset to all employees in your company. Your staff will receive comprehensive training on a tool that they will use in the office every day. There is no better way to boost productivity and create an empowering sense of experience than a well-informed, highly-trained staff who is well-versed in properly utilizing the Primavera software to its full potential. Your employees will be able to use Primavera with confidence and fluency once they have mastered the basics of the 3-day training course.

If you are in the process of implementing Primavera P6 as your company’s project management software, Monks Project Solutions can help. With over 30 years of experience training professionals on what they need to succeed in the ever-changing workplace, we understand the importance of getting all staff members on the same page and making them feel comfortable with the software they will use on a daily basis. Not only does this cut down on frustration and dissatisfaction in the workplace, but it also ensures that the software your company has chosen to implement will be used to its full potential.

Get the most out of your business today by enrolling your staff in Primavera Fundamentals project management training. Our Denver headquarters at 950 S. Cherry Street is easily accessible for professionals in the Metro area and beyond. We strive to provide a learning environment that is non-threatening, friendly and fun. Contact Monks today to discuss your business’s unique needs and let us help you arrive at a beneficial solution.

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