Primavera System Health Check

Is your business using its Primavera system to its full potential? If you’re not sure, perhaps it’s time for a Primavera System Health Check. By engaging in the Primavera System Health Check process, you and your staff will be able to effectively plan and prioritize based on recommended changes pinpointed during our evaluation. The Primavera System Health Check makes it easy for your organization to future-pace all of its improvement objectives for both the short-term and the long-term.

What can the Primavera System Health Check do for my business?

The main purpose of the Primavera System Health Check is to provide your organization with a list of short-term improvements which add high value, as well as establish a system configuration starting point to benchmark future improvement endeavors. Each change recommended by the Primavera System Health Check includes the following information to further assist with your organization’s ability to effectively plan and prioritize:

  • Outline of Scope
  • Assessment of Implementation Difficulty
  • Estimated Impact

How does the Primavera System Health Check work?

Our team will evaluate your system in relation to current development efforts and business processes, as well as factor in future improvement objectives for your company. We do this through a series of interviews and reviews concentrated on issues within the existing system. In this way we are able to accurately assess your organization’s individualized implementation needs and devise a strategy for both short- and long-term objectives for your system to attain.

How long does it take to complete the Primavera System Health Check Process?

Because we believe that a system health check works best when data collection and assessment is done in person, we strive to conduct this work within one calendar week whenever possible. In this way we are able to achieve a precise “snapshot” of the system and obtain maximum results from the review team, as well as provide timely recommendations. Once the scheduled review session is complete, we will follow up via email and telephone as needed. Our findings will be presented to your organization within a week of completing our assessment. Depending upon availability of review team participants, the entire process is generally completed within 2 to 3 weeks, including work which can be conducted offsite.

If you want to make sure your organization’s Primavera system is being utilized to its fullest, now is the time to schedule a Primavera System Health Check. Contact Monks today to speak with a representative!

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