How Can My Business Benefit from Using Primavera Contract Management?

For company owners and managers, nothing is more essential to the productivity and output of your employees than organization. With Oracle Primavera Contract Management, your staff can experience synergy across the board with virtually every project they take on. When your company chooses Primavera Contract Management software for its project management needs, you can expect the performance bar to be raised several notches as both you and your team enjoy the usability and functionality of complete project control. Some of the benefits of choosing Primavera Contract Management for your business include:

  • Increased document control across entire project– Oracle Primavera Contract Management allows users to store and maintain all project-related documents in one secure place. Now you and your team can store records, drawings, specifications, and other project documentation in a structured and safe space. What’s more, documents are able to have all revisions tracked, so you know which revision is the current version and can ensure that everyone is on the same page with the latest revision.
  • Shortened submittal approval times– Gone is the lag time between submission and approval. Primavera Contract Management expedites reviews and approvals of designs, and also offers workflow choices to allow project teammates to share and review submittals as they are added.
  • Accountability tracking- With Primavera Contract Management’s user-friendly dashboard, team interaction is paramount. All members of a team are able to see due dates of each deliverable, which team member is responsible for each item, and who is holding up the process. This creates accountability and workflow, and motivates team members to take action.
  • Elimination of misunderstandings– On every project, there is room for human error in the form of miscommunication, misunderstanding, or difference of opinion. The issues management functionality in Primavera Contract Management documents and records each issue, or any, that arises during the course of a project, in order to ensure that all issues are resolved and create an accurate history of the project and any roadblocks that came up during the process.
  • Subcontractor management and control– Primavera Contract Management includes a contracts functionality which improves management of contractors and vendors on a project. With Primavera Contract Management, contract managers are able to create, manage and review the status of a contract, and can also verify the credibility and performance of a contractor, whether deliverables have arrived by the specified due date, and whether payment requisitions have been submitted.

In addition to these benefits of Primavera Contract Management, there are countless other features that can greatly enhance your company’s project management process, streamlining each project and cutting out wasted time and money. For more information on Primavera Contract Management training, contact Monks today to speak with a representative and find out the advantages that Primavera Contract Management can offer your business!

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