Why Training is a Necessity for Primavera Software

So you know how to do the basics. You can run the reports you need. But every once in a while, you are in a meeting and something scares you. Your manager asks you if we can run a new report or start using a new feature of Primavera and you say, “I’ll look into that and get back with you.” Wouldn’t it be nice to not start running online every time you have to do something new in Primavera? Wouldn’t it be nice to stop looking for experts and forums for all the tips and tricks to just get through a project? You could save yourself so much time and stress by learning from the experts on how to get every bit of mileage out this software. And we can help you!

Primavera training can be broken down into different categories:

Because each user uses different features, some specialization is needed in the training courses. Your company has made a large investment in this software. Make and investment in yourself and your staff by completing a quality Primavera training course to help shorten the time it takes you to do routine tasks as well as the additional options that you probably didn’t even know were available.

Do you have a particular need? You can arrange to have private classes at your location taught by our expert Oracle University Primavera-certified trainers to give you and your staff hands on help and training. Or if you’d prefer to learn away from the office and emails, we offer multi-day courses at our location.

Primavera training can help save you time each and every day on things you do the most often. We can also show you ways that you can use the software that you may not have thought of in the past. Building confidence in your skills while increases them by using the software are invaluable for you as an employee and a manager. Primavera classes are starting soon near you. Don’t waste another minute when you could be mastering Primavera through our training. To learn how Monks Project Solutions’ experts can assist with your company’s Oracle software and training needs, contact us today at 303-860-8870.

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