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Oracle Primavera Software and Training Courses

Oracle Primavera is a Project Portfolio Management (PPM) software that has helped erase borders that impact business collaboration. From contractors to designers, individuals and businesses that invest in Oracle Primavera have been able to stay connected to clients, partners, and job sites around the world without having to travel further than their desk. If you are interested in this PPM software, Monks Project Solutions can help your business maximize their efficiency. How? Let’s take a look. 


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About Monks Project Solutions

Monks Project Solutions is your premier provider for all things related to Oracle Primavera. In fact, as your Oracle Primavera experts, Monks helps businesses to succeed.

Monks Project Solutions offers a range of services .  This includes:

  • Installation: We offer a range of different Primavera software packages designed to enhance your business. Our experts can install these packages for you.
  • Configuration: To further tailor your Primavera package, our experts help to configure the software in a way that works best for your company.
  • Customization: We also analyze your current processes, including reporting, to better help your business capitalize on the seamless support Primavera offers.
  • Proof of Concept: To help you better understand your new PPM solution, we fill your system with sample data and demonstrate how each piece affects the data and functionality of your Primavera product.
  • Upgrades: Monks also helps update and service your Primavera solution, including keeping you up to date on any changes that may occur.
  • Continued Support: Learning a new system can be overwhelming for some. We stand by our products and our clients; Monks provides continued support for all of our clients.
  • Training: We also provide in-depth training for you and all of your employees to ensure each member of your team fully understands the power now at their fingertips with Oracle Primavera.

Oracle Primavera Experts in Glendale, CO

Surrounded by the city of Denver, Glendale, CO is a beautiful area that is home to roughly 5,000 people. Infinity Park, one of our staffs’ personal favorites, helps bring our beautiful community together and offers a great rugby stadium that attracts tourists from all over.

Contact us today to learn more about how Monks Project Solutions can help your business thrive with Oracle Primavera!

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    Monks provides a great environment to receive training. High personal touch and with over 30+ years of experience there wasn’t a question Christine couldn’t answer.

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    4500 E. Cherry Creek South Dr., Suite 404
    Glendale, CO. 80246