What Does It Mean to Be an Oracle Gold Partner?

Oracle offers specialized training that only Oracle Gold Partners can receive. Primavera training requires years of experience to master, and working directly with Oracle through the company’s specialized training allows us to offer the utmost to our clients.

Becoming a Gold Partner

Gold partners are trained directly by Oracle. Being trained directly by the makers of Primavera, we are better able to help all of our clients reach the success that their business deserves. Gold partners receive a unique benefit from Oracle that first begins with training.

Oracle Plane

Benefits of Being a Gold Partner

The precise gold partner benefits include:

  • Training: All gold partners are given extensive product training. This allows companies to provide better solutions to their clients and allows us to provide the best Primavera training possible to our clients.
  • Partner-specific Training: Oracle offers partner-specific training through its guided learning path that ensures that companies are always on top of the latest software changes and developments as they happen.
  • Specialized Training: Gold partners are allowed, but not required, to become specialized in Oracle products. Specializations are very difficult to obtain, but specializations show an expert level of competency and experience within respective Oracle solutions.
  • Beta Access: Training revolves around being experienced in products as they hit the market. Gold Partners are given beta access to products so that they can master them and train their clients in the newest software applications once they are released to the public.

Benefits to Clients

Becoming a gold partner allows us to provide a specialized solution for your needs. Through the specialization offered by Oracle, we are able to:

  • Develop solutions that are customized to our clients’ needs
  • Sell Oracle solutions and offer Oracle financing
  • Implement Oracle solutions into a client’s infrastructure

Being a Gold Partner allows the training and solutions offered through our intensive training to be further enhanced and tailored to the needs of clients.

Specializing in Primavera P6 Enterprise and Project Portfolio Management allows us to be able to provide the best in training, installation and configuration services to our clients.

Gold Partners are trained directly by Oracle and meet the stringent partner requirements that Oracle maintains. If you have more questions about Oracle, please feel free to Contact Us.

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