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Leverage data to transform customer interactions into strategic insights.

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Create end-to-end, data-driven, personalized customer experiences.

Data is the single common thread that allows brands to connect the customer experience, making it a key differentiating asset for brands to master. Therefore, turning data into a consistently productive resource is perhaps the most critical question facing marketers today. We work toward that goal by empowering marketing organizations to wield data as a strategic asset that drives meaningful connections and data-driven customer experiences.

Tailored solutions, from groundwork to liftoff.

We partner with brands to build a strong data foundation, drive deeper connections and accelerate top line growth. First, we help them take control of their tech strategy, platforms and data. Next, we break down silos between departments, regions and vendors to blend data into a single source of truth. After translating that data into meaningful insights, we then plan, activate, personalize, test and optimize to yield tangible, measurable results.

Supporting last-mile activation.

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    Mondelēz Data and Measurement • We helped Mondelēz build a correlation between digital advertising and sales, increasing return on global media investment.

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    Mondelēz set out with the goal to create better consumer connections through data. Fragmented technology, lack of data governance standards and the lack of a single source of truth stood in the way of making this possible.

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  4. Media.Monks defined and implemented best practices across technology infrastructure and data standards. This foundation unlocked last-mile activation capabilities, enabling Mondelēz to transform measurement and drive  +10% return on media investment globally.

  5. Want to learn more about our partnership with Mondelēz? Check out our full case study.

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Using machine learning to bring results

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Case Study

Migration to Google Analytics 4We helped McDonald’s Hong Kong migrate data to Google Analytics 4 to optimize conversions through machine learning.

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Our practice and approach.

We’re not here to add to your tech debt. The consumer mindset has changed and we are adapting with that change. We build durable, scalable solutions that meet the needs of complex enterprises to advance your data maturity and drive top line and bottom line impact to your business.

We’ve helped clients better understand and connect with their customers by:


  • Transforming digital ad measurement, connecting online and offline sales
  • Implementing privacy-first site tagging
  • Streamlining cross-network campaign optimization
  • Building customized, business intelligence solutions to surface audience and campaign insights
  • Automating audience generation, campaign trafficking and tagging
Monk Thoughts Data is the single common thread that allows brands to connect and harness customer experience across digital contexts.
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The website has been translated to English with the help of Humans and AI