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Transform workflows and elevate experiences with AI innovation.

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AI is the foundational technology at the core of our team.

From uncovering new insights in their data, to responsive content personalization on an unprecedented scale, AI-first marketing teams deliver a world of new relevance to audiences and ROI for the entire organization. Getting there requires wide-scale transformation and is best guided by the people who use these tools every day to lead enterprise implementations, custom automation, and fine-tuned AI tools and training for your people. That’s Monks.

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AI Solutions

An AI-centric managed service that streamlines how humans and machines work together to produce marketing content and optimize performance.

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See how we helped Kraft Heinz fast-track AI adoption

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Case Study

AI Test KitchenWe hosted an in-person AI workshop to help The Kitchen, Kraft Heinz's in-house agency, create a strategic and actionable AI roadmap.

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Learn how we’re helping brands lead in the AI era


Reinvent your marketing pipeline with AI and Monks.

We’ll guide you on your journey to become an AI-first brand.

We consult. We define where brands are coming from and design where they’re moving to. From auditing brands’ ways of working to establishing both short- and long-term goals, we build the roadmap so they can embark on their AI transformation journey in confidence.

We integrate. By leveraging leading tech partnerships like NVIDIA, Salesforce, Adobe and more, we integrate systems and implement pipelines powered by automation and AI. This unlocks new efficiencies—like replacing physical costs and manual labor with cloud and compute power—and creates opportunities for higher effectiveness: predictive modeling, real-time media activation, accelerated speed and scale and more.

We execute. We have the talent and teams trained to execute best-in-class, AI-first marketing and advertising services. By unlocking cost efficiency and building content and experiences at a better output (and an even grander scale) than ever before, we help brands make a cost-neutral investment AI transformation in their business—ultimately becoming true, AI-first brands.


CEO Wes ter Haar explains how AI is delivering on the original promise of digital.

AI & our responsibility

AI’s potential—for disruption, for displacement, for value creation—can’t be ignored. We have a duty to explore the boundaries of this technology to unlock new opportunities.

Our strength has always been our people: we’re curious, innovative, tech-enabled, and most of all we are disruptive. That will continue to be true. That's why we have embraced the benefits of technology and automation from our beginning, and why we will keep being decisive in infusing AI into our business.

This is an ongoing journey. There will be perpetually shifting expectations involving AI, and we will keep building in a way that allows us to evolve to meet them. As we build, we will do so with these commitments to the moment, to our people, to our clients, and to our business standards. 

Commitment to the moment. AI’s rapid progress has not only opened the world’s eyes to what is possible, it’s delivered a wake-up call to virtually every business sector. We’re answering that call and joining the movement to build this future, now. Behind the strength of our world-class creative and strategy teams, our belief is that this technology will give every individual superpowers to help our clients conquer their markets - and our ability to infuse it into our business model will be one of the vital factors in achieving our goals in this era.

Responsibility to our people. Even though we believe in the power and permanence of this technology, we believe equally that AI will be reliant on our people's creativity and craft to drive outsized success for ourselves and our clients. To thrive, we have to redesign our operation and provide our people the access and training they will need to unlock their potential in this AI-assisted future.

Duty to our clients. As with our original mandate to build a better, faster, cheaper solution for clients, our obligation is to deliver maximum value, and that will always drive our decision-making. AI will allow us to do that, but it comes with risks that clients will expect us to understand and manage on their behalf. We will always be stewards of our clients’ brand reputation, intellectual property, data security, and potential for growth. That stewardship extends to any AI-centric technology we use or recommend in the course of service, and any original AI-powered tools that we build in partnership with them.

Ethics & AI. The incorporation of AI into business processes and creativity requires deliberate consideration of representation, bias, and potential harms. We have well-established strategies to account for these issues in all facets of our business, and we are beholden to these core principles for all societal issues related to AI. Read our latest ESG report for more.

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The website has been translated to English with the help of Humans and AI