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From Dreams to Reality • AI-Powered Performance Creative for Hatch

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  • 50% fewer design & production hours
  • 97% lower production cost
  • +78% CTR
  • +46% more engaged site visitors




Case Study


Managing the cost of consumer education.

Hatch, a sleep wellness company that teaches families how to develop better sleep habits with its restful technology devices, sought to engage new audiences for their Restore 2 product. Operating in a unique product category, Hatch needed their ads to balance consumer education with performance.  They opted for an audience-first approach to advertising that helps users envision an unfamiliar product slotting into their lifestyle. However, this comes with challenges. Namely, digital ad platforms require more creative assets to perform effectively, but photoshoots, customized ad ideation and design for multiple personas can be both expensive and time-consuming. To tackle this, we partnered with Hatch to leverage AI to strategize, concept, produce and launch personalized ad creative across diverse audience segments in a matter of weeks.

  1. The Process

    Monks.Flow In Action • Our AI-assisted workflows took us from research and concepting to ad launch in just six weeks using Monks.Flow and Google Gemini.

  2. Conversation with Google Gemini LLM to create personas for Hatch
  3. Moving images of generative AI ad components for Hatch including pictures of a bedroom and a yoga studio

    From AI "conversations" with our new personas, we came up with a new modular creative platform we could customize to each.

  4. Media.Monks team discussing Performance Max ad strategy on a virtual meeting
  5. Layouts and designs were crafted with Google Performance Max campaigns in mind, then our Generative AI workflows produced huge quantities of assets in a matter of hours.

  6. Generative AI production workflow from Monks.Flow
  7. Ready to integrate AI into your ad creation workflows?

For More!

Incorporating AI from end to end.

We used an end-to-end AI-driven approach to tackle these challenges—from the audience research and ideation stage through the production and launch. Here’s what that process looked like:

  1. Persona Development: We leveraged Google’s AI tool, Gemini, to identify three distinct audience personas that would help us reach beyond the historical core buyer. By having “conversations” with the AI personas, we could better understand their lifestyles and preferences, from how they decorate their bedrooms to their hobbies and routines.
  2. Creative Framework: We accelerated the creative process by teasing out insights from the AI on what a good night’s rest means for our target personas. This led us to a new creative framework for the campaign that our human creative team could expand and run with quickly. The AI-assisted ideation helped us land on a fresh platform to test, positioning Restore as “the everything machine” that enhances daily performance through better sleep. Plus, this gave our team a springboard for new taglines, concepts and test themes.
  3. AI-Driven Asset Design: Building on this data-driven platform, our team crafted immersive visual environments that were tailored to each persona. Conversations with AI personas allowed us to marry visual cues from our personas’ lifestyles—from their aspirations and behaviors to their bedroom decor—with performance-first best practices, while honoring Hatch’s brand guidelines and their typical look-and-feel. Freed from the costs or logistics of location shoots and the limitations of repetitive and uncustomizable stock image libraries, generative AI helped us take relevance and personalization to a whole new level.
  4. Rapid Production: Monks.Flow, our proprietary AI workflow technology, facilitated the rapid generation of high-quality ad variations tailored to each persona. We quickly generated dozens of new ad variants in a matter of hours, designed specifically for Google’s Performance Max (PMax) campaigns.

    An effective PMax strategy isn’t just about imagery; it involves video and many text assets too. We used AI to create custom soundscapes using Hatch’s base audio and multiple descriptive text variants to ensure the algorithm had plenty of assets to choose from when serving tailored ads to each user.

hatch restore on a nightstand

In partnership with

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Client Testimonial Monks.Flow is helping our creatives focus more on being creative, and less on rote production tasks—amplifying our team’s mission to bring craftsmanship, speed, and a sense of relevance and culture to our marketing. Not to mention, more time for sleep!
Eric Pallotta, CMO of Hatch

Eric Pallotta


AI-assisted creative proves efficient and effective.

By integrating AI workflows into the creative process, we produced:

  •   Three original audience personas
  •   One innovative creative idea
  •   Three videos
  •   60 unique ad variants

…at faster speeds and lower costs than ever before. Overall, this campaign represented a 50% reduction in hours and 97% reduction in costs from legacy approaches, freeing up massive resources for creatives and marketers to focus on areas where the human touch is more critical. From ideation to campaign launch, the entire process was completed in half the time of a standard campaign, thanks to AI-powered marketing.

The Hatch team was thrilled: "Hatch is a company that is uniquely positioned to help so many different people and personalities develop better personalized sleep habits. Partnering with Monks to test AI integrations in our ad workflow that will appeal to all these different types of people and their interests, without spending a ton on net new shoots for every single one, has been incredibly exciting to test out," says Eric Pallotta, CMO. "Monks.Flow is helping our creatives focus more on being creative, and less on rote production tasks—amplifying our team’s mission to bring craftsmanship, speed, and a sense of relevance and culture to our marketing. Not to mention, more time for sleep."




Even better, these AI-generated ads are already outperforming legacy tactics. When combined with the power of Performance Max’s AI-fueled audience targeting and ad delivery, users are engaging more with the Monks.Flow-generated assets, showing 78% higher CTR compared to other ecommerce brands’ Performance Max campaigns. Importantly, these users are staying engaged on the site after the click, at a 46% higher rate than visitors from Hatch’s other campaigns.

Monks.Flow and Google Gemini were critical in enhancing efficiency without compromising creativity or impact. By integrating AI-assisted workflows into every step—from persona development to asset creation—we delivered an extraordinarily personalized and effective ad campaign for Hatch in record time.

Good nights indeed make great days—and exceptionally effective ad campaigns.



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