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Digital Experience Optimization

Where strategy meets science—driving revenue and engagement through evidence-based testing.

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Our expertise is your asset — we build, you scale.

Successful experimentation is about thoughtfully testing hypotheses, learning from outcomes and iterating on strategies.

We empower brands to forge genuine, personal relationships with their customers by providing advanced, end-to-end digital experience services.

By offering future-proof, end-to-end services for experimentation and applying new standards of success through AI-driven insights, we help brands build a center of excellence for digital experience optimization—or can even serve as your center of excellence ourselves.

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Monk Thoughts Experimentation and personalization lie at the core of our mission to marry creativity with data and technology to deliver transformative digital experiences. By continuously testing and refining our strategies, we can optimize the performance of creative and content, and deliver customers more relevant and resonant digital experiences.
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Here's how we plug in

  1. Services

    Our areas of expertise • Because every business has its unique needs, we design teams that flex for solutions as required. Our program can help you in any of the following areas.

  2. User Experience (UX)

    Our services cover the full spectrum of the user experience, from research to product design and evaluation. We adopt a holistic approach that considers the entire customer journey. This ensures products are designed for specific touchpoints across the global customer experience.

  3. Web & App Experience Optimization

    Strategize with precision and experiment with purpose. Embark on a path where strategy aligns seamlessly with your business goals. We craft bespoke experimentation frameworks that resonate with your business model, setting the stage for meaningful growth.

  4. Customer Experience Optimization (CXO)

    Deepen your understanding to engage better with consumers. Uncover the essence of customer engagement with a blend of AI and real-world insights. Our approach goes beyond data to create experiences that matter, fostering loyalty and elevating customer lifetime value.

  5. Customer Lifetime Value and Retention Optimization

    Each test is an opportunity for revenue enhancement and profitability. Our targeted experiments are not just changes—they're improvements that drive your bottom line. Expect not just results, but also measurable success.

  6. Personalization

    Personalize, engage and succeed. Transform your approach with advanced personalization strategies. We tailor user experiences to individual preferences, creating a unique journey for every customer.

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And it's working

  • 21% increase in mobile enquiry form submissions and a 9.5% decrease in abandonment for a home improvement retailer. This live optimization is projected to bring the brand an £6.4 million annual revenue increase.
  • Increased cookie banner opt-ins by 41% through rigorous user testing for a real estate company.
  • Helped a global telco build a robust experimentation program that resulted in >$1M incremental revenue and $8M in CLV from 150+ experiments.
  • Boosted revenue for key products by 34% for an insurance provider via testing personalized offers based on customer propensity models.
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Case Study

Ace Google Cloud Platform & AppPlatforms expertise combined with a Data AOR helped Ace Hardware drive over 150k reward account signups and $30M in omichannel revenue.

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Monk Thoughts Optimizing digital experiences often encounters challenges due to how data, particularly qualitative insights, is shared and used within teams. Success in product management hinges on finding the right balance in data usage, taking into account the diverse goals and needs of the team.
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Here's how we can help



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We are a Google-certified partner for conversion optimization, helping brands of all sizes across every industry. Learn more about our Google partnership.

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The website has been translated to English with the help of Humans and AI