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Demystifying the Metaverse.

Discover how to leverage the metaverse to connect with consumers.

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Making the metaverse report

A new era in digital.

Live digital events have eclipsed the largest gatherings in human history. Digital images, once considered meaningless, now sell for millions. In short, we’ve moved from a decade of digital transformation to the transformation of digital—what we call the new era of virtualization. And this evolution is best represented by the metaverse connecting these phenomena and experiences together.

On our minds

Building beyond the hype.

There’s no questioning that the metaverse offers the next stage of growth for modern, world-leading brands—but knowing how to show up to support virtualized experiences isn’t always clear. By keeping a laser focus on emerging user behaviors and experimenting at the forefront of new formats and features, we help brands look beyond the hype and zero in on tangible ways to bring value to audiences in the metaverse and across the digital ecosystem.





“Meet Me in the Metaverse,” highlights the role of the Metaverse through interviews with subject matter experts throughout our company.

An immersive experience that drives culture

  1. Work

    ComplexLand • We rewrote the festival playbook by co-creating ComplexLand: a free, immersive 3D digital experience featuring exclusive drops, releases, shopping, music performances, food, moderated conversations and more.

  2. ComplexLand avatar

    We designed ComplexLand to be a single-player experience focused on global accessibility, incredible partnerships, and lots of fully-shoppable merch.

  3. An overhead view of ComplexLand map
  4. A ComplexLand avatar choosing their outfit
  5. ComplexLand avatar standing in front of a shoe drop
    An adidas shoe purchase in ComplexLand
  6. The schedule for ComplexLand
  7. Want to learn more about how we showed up at ComplexLand?

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Reality redefined.

Look in the dictionary and the term “virtual” might suggest something that’s close to (but not quite) the real thing. That connotation is antiquated; today, interactions, relationships and memories made within immersive digital experiences can become just as real as those made offline—maybe even more real. The metaverse is the new stage where people go to connect, and we help brands build memories and relationships there that last.

An experience like no other before.

Roblox avatars from Song Breaker Awards

Case Study

Song Breaker AwardsWe teamed up with Logitech for Creators to host the first-ever music awards show experience in the metaverse.

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Meet audiences where they’re at.

More than just a new frontier for growth, the metaverse is an extension of ourselves. As cultural norms and personal identities continue to shift and evolve with it, we help brands support the values of audiences and communities by leveraging new platforms and formats, like cooperative gaming and user-driven creativity.

Monk Thoughts

Rachel shares how brands can bring value to customers within the metaverse.

It’s time to adapt to a new age.

The metaverse—and by extension, web3—redefine what ownership means for a digital society. With virtualization transforming the human experience for a new age, we help brands adapt and respond to opportunities by pursuing new revenue streams, seizing opportunities for commerce and connection, and producing immersive original content that drives culture.

Catherine Henry's avatar in Meta's Horizon Rooms
Press The persistence of one’s online identity across platforms is a hallmark of the metaverse. As a result, the brands and products that consumers are most likely to purchase virtually are those that engage with users’ appearance or identity.
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The website has been translated to English with the help of Humans and AI