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Pushing Your Business Forward With Enterprise Automation

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Michael Balarezo
Global VP, Enterprise Automation

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When it comes to enhancing efficiency and trying to leave busywork behind, it’s important to rethink your approach to work and consider how you can be smarter about completing your tasks. Fortunately, there are many tools and technologies nowadays that can help you on your way.

The marketing and advertising industry is united by the common goal to leverage technology in new, creative ways—not only to translate data into personalized campaigns, but also to enhance internal operations. This is where automation could come in, if it wasn’t for the fact that marketing is traditionally quite limited in using such technologies. Simply put, many marketing teams haven’t been exposed to automation beyond connecting CRM to email marketing, even though there’s so much more out there.

From business to advertising, development and production operations, digital process automation can help unlock efficiencies across the entire enterprise. There are ample automation solutions for digital operations that can provide support across a company’s content, data, media and tech efforts. While the positive impact of enterprise automation reaches far and wide—from enhancing digital ad operations to improving internal people services—the biggest benefit is the ability to free employees from repetitive tasks or unnecessary complexities in the workflow, so as to enable them to direct their attention and energy towards more relevant work. Especially considering the current economic headwinds, it’s crucial to make sure that your talent can maximize their impact. 

My team of Automation.Monks is specialized in enabling the workforce to embrace automation as a new way of working and realize its full potential. We encourage people to automate as much as possible, no matter how big or small individual tasks are—if a machine can do the work, we should probably let it. This requires us to rethink how we operate within a business and how we collaborate with both tech and each other. The team not only focuses on automating our internal people, operations and processes, but also on supporting brands in automating their enterprise. So, let’s take a look at how we aim to achieve maximum efficiency, visibility and connectivity with automation solutions built by our analytics practice.

Helping brands future-proof their business with GA4.  

Our bread and butter is helping brands automate their people, platforms and processes. The objective is to ensure that these work in ways that businesses can accelerate their digital transformation and prepare themselves for the modern era. One of our go-to tools for measurement is Google Analytics. As Google’s GA360 is scheduled to sunset in the summer of 2024, many brands are busy migrating to the new GA4 product to take advantage of the measurement platform of the future. Among many other useful updates, this tool helps brands collect website and app data to get a better sense of the customer journey by utilizing event-based rather than session-based data. It also includes privacy controls and behavioral and conversion modeling that help fill the gaps in your data caused by the cookieless future.  

GA4 adoption requires collaboration between departments across an organization, and is therefore a change management process as much as it is a technology solution. The flatter, richer insights from GA4 data can help brands deliver more value and achieve faster competitive advantages—particularly when the adoption process is planned, communicated and managed to promote knowledge-sharing and digital maturity growth. Many brands have benefited a great deal from automating their business processes. Let’s take a look at the positive impact experienced by some of our key partners.

We’re supporting a global CPG brand that strives to increase their business revenue YOY by 3%, with a media objective of 3% ROI growth—ambitious, but certainly possible. As its partner for global content production, we advised the brand to focus on the efficient use of first-party data, while also establishing the use of connected data collected from across the customer journey. We pitched GA4 as the obvious solution, keeping in mind our pillars of quality, speed and value. Using custom built in-house automation, we helped the brand rapidly deploy 169 GA4 properties in minutes—all the while managing the shift to GA4 and maintaining top quality first-party data during the adoption. The results were impressive: through our collaboration, this brand has been able to unify its marketing efforts and metrics across 37 brands in 150 countries, ultimately realizing a growth of more than 70% in global ROI since 2017.

Another major brand that we were able to help automate at scale is Diageo, the multinational alcoholic beverage company. Diageo has made the ambitious commitment to increase their market share from 3% to 6% in FY 23. In order to realize this, the brand needs accurate tools with actionable insights. Once again, we presented GA4 as the straightforward solution. Considering the planned sunsetting of GA360, we immediately started planning the GA4 adoption process. Diageo’s scope covered as many as 150 brand websites, including 39 D2C sites (and counting) where we collect transactional data, which is a large-scale task. We leveraged custom Google Tag Manager templates for the GA4 tagging as well as our in-house automation tool to automate the GA360 rollout for the GA4 deployment in minutes versus what would normally take a team weeks to accomplish.

Deploying a common data layer taxonomy, harmonized across all brand sites, allowed for true apples-to-apples data comparison. On top of that, it was pivotal to delivering high-quality, privacy-first, consented first-party data. As a result, the team was able to both save over 200 hours of work and assure quality and reliable repeatability. Moreover, any future updates to measurement are consistently applied across all brand sites using the same solution—and align with Diageo’s overall strategic goals.

Designing the future of Media.Monks with clients in mind. 

Automation is critical to driving your enterprise into its next phase of digital transformation. Though solutions are largely technology focused, it’s important to be aware of the fact that automation can only truly succeed at scale and have a significant impact on your operations if it’s spread across and woven into every facet of your company culture. By incorporating many new, exciting and innovative tools into the tech stack and empowering your people, you can lift your business to the next level of operational excellence. For example, my team is currently working on productizing cloud-based “starter kits” that can easily deploy within a company’s tech stack and seamlessly integrate with existing or modified operational processes. CMOs can leverage these tools to connect their media efforts to the rest of the organization, which allows for better visibility, data interoperability, and measurement in aligning media efforts to business objectives. This is just one of the many ways in which automation can help organizations become more efficient in reaching their marketing and advertising goals.  

No matter the size of your business or the industry that you’re in, enterprise automation enables you to both streamline your people, processes and operations and enhance the output of different teams. In other words, it allows you to do more with less. Our advice? Start building an automation-first company culture now. Recognize where the biggest pain points are in your workflows and thus where your workforce needs to level up with new skills. When it’s deployed in line with your business goals and objectives, automation will maximize your existing talent and set up your business for future success. However, since there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for enterprise automation, the key is to start now.


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