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Unleashing the Potential of Walmart Marketplace: A Guide for Amazon Sellers

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walmart marketplace introduction for sellers

Are you an Amazon seller looking to diversify your online presence and expand your customer base? Look no further than Walmart Marketplace. Established in 2009, Walmart's ecommerce platform has experienced remarkable growth and now boasts over 150,000 third-party sellers spanning various categories. With continuous innovation, advanced features like Walmart Fulfillment Services and Walmart Plus, and a thriving customer base, Walmart is dedicated to helping sellers generate profitable sales at scale.

Walmart and Amazon: Where they differ and where they shine.

While both and offer extensive product catalogs, affordable shipping, and competitive pricing, there are crucial distinctions between the two that sellers can strategically leverage to fuel their ecommerce growth.

Amazon, with its massive user base of over 2.5 billion monthly visitors, provides unparalleled visibility for products. Their innovative tools, such as the Amazon Marketing Cloud, empower sellers to gain a competitive edge with insightful data analysis. On the other hand, Walmart Marketplace offers a compelling alternative. Its competitive fee structure charges sellers only referral and fulfillment fees upon making a sale, leading to potentially higher returns on investment. With less competition than overcrowded marketplaces, sellers have a greater chance to stand out and connect with their desired audience. Additionally, Walmart's unique blend of online and brick-and-mortar operations allows sellers to showcase their products to in-person shoppers within high-traffic physical stores. With an average of 429 million monthly shoppers, possesses extensive reach and substantial growth potential.

Maximize your sales potential by selling on both platforms.

While choosing between Walmart Marketplace and Amazon may seem challenging, selling on both platforms offers a strategic advantage. Sellers can increase visibility, diversify opportunities, and potentially boost sales by tapping into complementary audiences. This approach ensures sellers are not solely reliant on a single platform and allows for greater flexibility. Moreover, the similarities in the ecosystems of both and simplify navigation and mastery of both platforms. Partnering with a premier partner can streamline this process, ensuring you get the most out of each platform.

Unlock the power of Walmart Connect, the retail media platform for advertisers.

Walmart Connect has rapidly risen to become the second-largest omnichannel advertising business in the world, challenging Amazon's dominance. By significantly expanding its advertising offerings, Walmart Connect offers sellers the opportunity to engage customers across multiple touchpoints and facilitate omnichannel sales. One standout feature is the adoption of a "second-price" auction model for pay-per-click (PPC) bids, reducing advertising costs and allowing for direct cost comparisons with Amazon Ads.


Walmart Connect's advertising formats, similar to those on Amazon, allow sellers to strategically promote their products. One advantage unique to Walmart is the ability to influence in-store shoppers and impact their buying behavior, extending its reach beyond the online realm. Leveraging data analysis and artificial intelligence, Walmart optimizes ad placements for maximum effectiveness. Additionally, through collaborations with partners like The Trade Desk, they provide full-funnel advertising solutions to sellers.

Get to know Walmart Connect ad formats.

Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands: Cost-per-click ads promoting individual product listings on, enhancing product and brand visibility.

Search In-Grid Ads: Biddable product ads that seamlessly blend with organic listings in search results, offering a subtle yet effective promotional strategy.

Brand Amplifier Ads: Strategically placed on category-level sSearch eEngine rResults pPages (SERPs), these ads showcase a brand's portfolio, providing customers with a comprehensive view of the brand's offerings.

Online Pickup and Delivery (OPD) Ads: Targeting customers who utilize Walmart's online pickup and delivery service, these ads ensure maximum visibility on Walmart's online grocery platform.

Video Ads: Deliver dynamic and engaging content across and its apps, enhancing user engagement. These ads can also be placed offsite through the Walmart Exchange, extending their reach to social media, streaming platforms, and other relevant channels.

Onsite and Offsite Display Ads: Visual banners strategically placed on high-traffic pages on Walmart's website and app. These ads use Walmart's first-party data for targeting, reaching customers likely to be interested in the product. Offsite Display Ads reach customers on third-party websites through Walmart's Demand Side Platform (DSP), reinforcing brand messaging and retargeting potential customers.

We’ll help you take a strategic approach to Walmart Marketplace.

At Media.Monks, we understand the unique expectations and preferences of the Walmart ecosystem. Our strategy goes beyond a generic approach to ensure brands flourish on Walmart Marketplace.

Building a solid foundation begins with a comprehensive and well-organized product catalog, optimizing content with SEO and data-driven keywords. Categorization further enhances discoverability and customer experience. When launching new items, we leverage this strong foundation to streamline the process efficiently.

To kickstart channel growth, we execute a targeted advertising plan tailored to the Walmart customer base. Tracking key metrics and analyzing customer engagement, we continuously refine and improve advertising strategies. With a deep understanding of product categories, our team optimizes advertising campaigns to maximize their effectiveness, ensuring your brand stands out in the unique Walmart ecosystem.

We prioritize building a robust operational foundation and a standout brand presence, going beyond a one-size-fits-all strategy. Our approach is carefully tailored to help brands flourish on Walmart Marketplace, ensuring accurate product listings, effective categorization, and optimized advertising campaigns. With our expertise and strategic guidance, you can unleash the full potential of Walmart Marketplace and expand your online sales like never before.


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