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We Were Named Creative Agency of the Year at the TikTok Ad Awards in Mexico

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Written by
Asahi Ruiz Jimenez
SVP, Global Brand Strategy & Product

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The TikTok Ad Awards named us the Creative Agency of the Year. This annual event held in Mexico recognizes those who have made a significant impact in the marketing world through a TikTok-first approach, encompassing categories such as creativity, strategy, social impact, diversity, and inclusion. We’re deeply honored to have secured the top spot once again, but above all, I’m thrilled to confirm that our strategy for establishing creative and impactful connections with audiences is spot on.

As our Managing Director in Mexico, Luis Ribó, said following the announcement, “TikTok has become a constant companion for a large portion of users who seek fresh, interesting content, which is why we strive to create culturally relevant campaigns that also allow people to enjoy their time.” Indeed, our approach is built on the belief that establishing a feeling of intimacy is paramount, and that TikTok offers a space to cultivate that sense of closeness. It’s working, but what does that look like, and what makes a brand more or less successful in this space?

The shift toward social brands: acknowledging the power of social media.

When partnering with brands to collaborate on their social strategy, we prioritize an overarching goal: to ensure that our clients fully grasp the transformative power of social media. We go beyond the superficial notion of social as mere repositories of visually appealing content in a feed, or a simple channel for paid advertising. Instead, we emphasize the immense potential of an organic social media strategy that fosters spaces for meaningful interactions and community building. Through this approach, social media becomes a catalyst for shaping entire industries and influencing markets on a significant scale. We call this the shift toward social brands, and it highlights the power of social in creating brand value, influencing consumer decisions and driving growth. 

While it may seem obvious, it is surprising how many businesses still treat social media as an afterthought or underestimate its risks. The fact that social media can elevate our brand to new heights coexists with another undeniable reality: a single post has the potential to trigger a stock price drop, ignite a social movement, or even spark boycotts that can severely damage long-established brand equity and sales figures.

This is not meant to instill fear. When it comes to social and brands, the scales are tipped in favor of success. But whether we are embarking on a fully-fledged campaign to launch a new product or creating a 10-second TikTok video that taps into the latest trend, every action taken on social media carries weight and significance—and should be executed with the same level of excellence as any other endeavor. 

Building authentic connections and trust: the power of intimacy.

Recognizing that social media is a dynamic engine for brand and business value is the first step toward becoming a social brand. The second step is leveraging these platforms to create experiences and cultivate authentic human connections. To us, TikTok represents that authentic space where audiences can feel a sense of intimacy—which is ultimately the key to building long-lasting relationships with consumers.

Monk Thoughts People crave a sense of belonging, and by establishing a brand that fosters this feeling, we lay the foundation for success.
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This fact is better illustrated by the overwhelmingly positive response garnered by Toyota’s Escudería Canina campaign on TikTok. This project, which received the gold medal in the TikTok For Good category, pushed the boundaries of the “mobility company” concept by crafting custom-made wheelchairs for disabled dogs, enhancing their prospects for adoption. In other words, it aimed to make a positive impact on the communities where the brand operates, thereby cultivating trust with the audience and captivating their interest.

That said, it’s important to recognize that sustaining connections on social media goes beyond occasional for-good collaborations. It requires a consistent understanding of their interests and staying attuned to them on a daily basis. Additionally, humor can be a powerful tool as long as it resonates with their language and preferences. Take, for example, the success of KFC’s Nuggets campaign, which secured the silver medal. Regardless of the specific project at hand, a social brand must always demonstrate a deep respect for the audience and their entertainment.

The AI Agency of the Year meets the Creative Agency of the Year.

To summarize, social brands acknowledge the power of a single social post and know how to foster close relationships with their communities—but they aren’t doing it alone. Behind the world’s best social brands lies a machine that constantly analyzes what is happening online, what people care about and the spaces where they connect. In our case, this involves AI-powered workflows that combine human talent with artificial intelligence to react swiftly.

As Carlos Tejeda, our Associate Vice President of Innovation Technology, highlighted during Advertising Week, “We need to harness the power of AI in four key areas: insights, creativity, community management and measurement.” In doing so, we can infuse our creative process with data-driven inspiration and manage our communities more efficiently. The key is to do it in a way that enhances the human element—for example, by enabling more personalized interactions.

Ultimately, succeeding in the realm of social media relies on a powerful synergy between communities, brands, partners, and creators. As brands continue to leverage the potential of social media and embrace innovative technologies, such as AI, they will be better able to create that synergy and deliver exceptional experiences and drive growth. The Creative Agency of the Year award serves as a reminder of that potential, and the importance of constantly evolving in this ever-changing landscape.


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