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Two people in an urban inside environment. Both are wearing glasses. A guy wearing normal glasses stand aa bit behind a women who is wearing sunglasses with a red cord attachted to it.
Closeup of a women wearing Ray-Ban glasses with a dark heavy frame.

Reinventing Ray-Ban Together • Taking a Timeless Brand into New Creative Directions

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Connecting a timeless brand with contemporary audiences.

A brand of stature deserves to show up as one—that’s why Ray-Ban continues to choose us as its partner in exploring new creative directions and delivering truly great advertising campaigns. This is the story of how we helped the timeless American sunglasses and eyeglasses brand embrace a new aura of cheeky attitude and coolness, while staying true to its incredible history.

  • The image features a woman wearing sunglasses and earphones, standing in front of a white background. She is the main focus of the image, positioned towards the center. The woman is also wearing a red cord, which adds a pop of color to her outfit. The image features a man wearing sunglasses and displaying various tattoos. He is shown in a close-up view, allowing for a detailed observation of his face and neck. The man's tattoos are particularly prominent, including those on his face and neck.  The focus of the image is on the man's face, with his sunglasses adding a stylish touch. The sunglasses themselves are not the main feature but contribute to his overall appearance. The man's lips are also shown in a close-up view, highlighting their details.

Introducing “You Are On” mode.

To promote Ray-Ban’s new-era vibe, we created a global content strategy around the concept of “You Are On,” which is all about living loudly, fearlessly, and with powerful self-confidence. How to activate this mode? That’s right, by wearing a pair of Ray-Ban glasses. Each campaign stars stunning hero content and is spotlighted across social media, 3D, OOH, TikTok challenges and videogames.

Lifting TikTok impressions with the elevator dance.

Ray-Ban wanted to raise brand awareness among younger audiences, and so we turned to TikTok. Besides delivering interactive posts and social media challenges, we partnered with 11 famous Italian TikTok influencers to create a fun and flirty dance challenge, inviting viewers to get their moves on—and mere moments after lift-off, our “elevator dance” became a global phenomenon. The campaign no doubt earned many second glances, as it reached a total of 12 billion views around the world and sparked users to create 3.2m+ videos. Think you can resist the beat? Give it a try!


  • 17.2 billion views
  • 3.2m new videos created
  • 14% engagement rate

Transforming aviators into NFTs.

Not afraid to reinvent how it creatively expresses itself, Ray-Ban decided to step into the world of NFTs—and we made sure the journey was as smooth as can be. Emphasizing its status as a true pioneer of aesthetic innovations and trends, the brand launched its first-ever pair of NFT sunglasses. Created in collaboration with German artist Oliver Latta—who drew inspiration from the timeless silhouette of Ray-Ban’s iconic Aviator—this exclusive digital piece of art provides an unparalleled brand experience, as it lets fans explore new ways of expressing their uniqueness. Our task: to provide end-to-end support throughout the campaign, from the first idea to strategy, legal and out-of-home components in New York’s Times Square.




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Boosting Ray-Ban across the globe.

You can’t establish a strong global presence without driving local impact. So, we tapped into our talent pool around the world to help Ray-Ban deliver targeted campaigns. Whether it concerns a campaign to celebrate the Chinese New Year or a campaign to honor Mexico’s Día de Muertos, our on-site teams have the culture expertise and concrete skills to support Ray-Ban with end-to-end services in any market.

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Feast your eyes on Ray-Ban’s creative journey.

  • The image showcases two pairs of sunglasses with the brand names "Killane & Corrian" displayed on them. One pair of sunglasses features red frames and blue lenses, while the other pair has a black frame with reflective blue lenses.   In the upper section of the image, the text "Ray-Ban" is repeatedly written across the glasses, employing a repetition pattern. This repetition of the brand name emphasizes its prominence.   At the bottom of the image, the sunglasses are labeled as "RAY-BAN LIMITED" and "KILIAN

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The website has been translated to English with the help of Humans and AI