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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Personalization • Partnering on Personalization for Ecommerce Revenue Growth

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  • $600k+ within 6 weeks of go-live
  • 13% conversion in first several days of experience launch.
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Supporting a smooth and swift transition to a new marketing stack.

As a long-time and loyal Salesforce customer, with B2C Commerce Cloud, Sales Cloud and Service Cloud already in place, GNC decided to replace their legacy marketing stack and add another solution to the mix: Salesforce Marketing Cloud Personalization (MCP). However, this switch didn’t go as smoothly as planned, as some legacy triggers failed to reconnect. With the peak of holiday shopping season around the corner—and the goal to generate additional revenue beyond previous tech stack constraints top of mind—GNC needed to optimize ecommerce conversions, pronto. So, we stepped in as their Salesforce Consulting Partner to evaluate the impact and help expand usage upon proof of value.

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Client Words Media.Monks was a crucial partner in assisting us to fix some outdated, backend set-up in Salesforce Marketing Cloud that we didn’t have the internal expertise to do ourselves.
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A test-and-learn approach homed in on solutions at speed.

To tackle the problem, we implemented MCP as a proof of concept, evaluating the solution before GNC was set to renew their contract—and helping them get to the so-called “aha moment.” This time to value was key to conducting analysis of event stream data and revenue attribution from the implemented use cases. Our Salesforce experts started off with discovery, planning and strategy, which primarily involved reconfiguring the solution. On top of this, we established four use cases to increase holiday shopping conversions, including Abandon Cart, Abandon Browse, Back in Stock, and Lightbox SMS Capture and Trigger. To make sure GNC’s team was completely set up for success, we hosted training sessions on how to best utilize this solution and any additional models moving forward.

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Marketing Cloud Personalization is a (Sales)force to be reckoned with.

GNC needed to solve this issue fast, so we tackled it with full force. In just six weeks, we built robust listening capabilities. Three weeks later, we deployed three triggers in production. Finally, in week 12 of our collaboration, we created and implemented a complex Lightbox SMS capture and trigger with a unique couponing solution—equipping the retail company to optimize conversions by providing their audiences with much more relevant 1:1 customer experiences. Safe to say, it was truly a jolly holiday shopping season.

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